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Our work is a systematic and disciplined approach towards professional media creation. We go to great lengths and pains to get top level results for clients. This involves planning, writing, briefing, training, the use of complex gear, equipment and production methods in sometimes very demanding work conditions. We love what we do, but most of all we love getting paid, so we can keep up with our high equipment costs.


Application of any time to any party, requiring attendance, or consultative work, without any equipment being used:

- between 8:00AM - 6:00PM: $135/hr

- between 6:01PM - 12:00AM: $175/hr

- Between 12:01AM - 7:59AM: $225/hr


Still Photos [private, domestic, non commercial]: $250/hr [melbourne metro]

Still Photos [commercial]: $450/hr [melbourne metro]

Still Photo Edits: $180/hr 5 basic edits an hour. More for complex edits - request quote


Video [private, domestic, non commercial]: $125* setup + $350/hr [melbourne metro]

Video [commercial]: $225* setup + $350/hr [melbourne metro - easy access] [up to 3 cameras per instance] 

Video Editing: $180/hr . Complex edits with motion graphics - request quote

* Additional charges may apply for onsite truss and lighting grid setups - quoted per job

Steadicam/Ronin Shooting: $125* setup $350/hr


Field Sound Recording: $180/hr 

Custom Music Production: $250/hr

Graphic Design. $175/hr [inc 3 revisions per design].

* all prices indicated on this site are ex GST.


Most times jobs can vary, so there may be varying terms and conditions to the carrying out of works. All work is provided in a well thought out manner to suit the best fit and provide the best value for clients.

Over the past few years with the emergence of cheaper DSLR cameras, industry standards have diminished, as many home based operators have emerged to attempt to produce media. There is a large distinction from the home based operators, especially when it comes to the laws and standards in relation to the ownership of an artists work, and copyright laws. This has created a level of consumer perception, and wrong assumptions, that in many cases can be inaccurate in relation to the staging, production and use of media works and the ownership of the work.

Clients can use work for their commercial promotional and marketing purposes, at a fee paid, however this does not always entail that the client fully owns the copyrights to the work.



* filming production setup costs can vary +/- depending on access, location, rigging requirements

*** All prices indicated are in $AUD and are ex GST.

**** The above indicated rates may change at any time without notice. All jobs are quoted based on assumptions provided at start of the job by the client. If Assumptions increase on additional job requirements. then added costs can apply to that job.

All works operate under the Laws of the State of Victoria. All works are fully owned and copyright of MR MEDIA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS & Amaresh Wardha, until works are paid for in full, and where applicable copyrights are purchased to own the work by the client if required. Work can be commercially licensed for usage for the client, but may not entail ownership of the copyright by the client for such works, on arrangement. 


​If your lookig to advance yourself with a career in media and image presentation for professional work, then we offer a robust and dynamic training program over 36 months.

The program covers key areas with practical guidance in:

- Art Direction

- Presenting Skills

- Commercial Engagements

- Image Creation

- Basic Project Management

- Commercial Business Building

- Public Relations

The program is extremely selective and based on an individuals existing background, fields of experience, ability to prove their efficacy and a stringent screening process.

This means that we take on the most successful candidates who are likely to succeed, partake in a sustainable work program, and carry out work on client projects within work guidelines.

There are 32 points of training in 3 stages:

- basic

- intermediate

- advanced

Each stage must be completed with minimum 80% proficiency grading in each point for all points in the stage, in order to qualify for paid commercial image work at that level.

For further information and to see if you qualify contact us on the link below. Please send ALL relevant links to any portfolio work from the beginning of your communication with us.

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