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More and more small and mid sized businesses are following the application trend, both web based and mobile. By understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a wordpress style website, creates a formidable strategy for future growth and stability.

You may notice nowdays that many small businesses you interact with are starting to have their very own dedicated mobile application. Be it the corner coffee shop or the beauty spa up the road; These businesses are ahead of the game, when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level.

There are many reasons for having your very own mobile platform for your business:

1. Be Visible To Customers At All Times,

2. Create a Direct Marketing Channel,

3. Provide Value To Your Customers,

4. Build Brand & Recognition,

5. Improve Customer Engagement & Contact Regularity,

6. Stand Ahead of Competitors,

7. Cultivate Customer Loyalty,

8. Improve Internal Productivity & Management,

9. Enhance Quality Assurances and Quality Control,

10. Increase Your Rates of Referral [if customers are using your standalone application its far easier to refer your business to others],

11. Harvest, Develop and Keep Secure Your Own Customer Database [third party applications get your contacts details and can use them elsewhere].


65% Of Australian Consumers Downloaded a Mobile App To Do With Products In The Last 12 Months

75% Of Consumers Have Researched A Product On Their Phone

90% Of Consumers Dont Leave Home Without Their Mobile Device




One of the most important reasons, you should consider having us build your very own application is "customer loyalty". With all the "noise" and chatter out there - web banners, billboards, flashing signs, advertising, flyers, coupons, facebook ad's, emails marketing and more - you slowly lose your impact on customers, because the immense amount of advertising surrounding us, gets their attention.

Having your own application tools, is highly fruitful towards going back and making a true and sincere connection with your customers, making them loyal followers of your product and services. The application will not be the overall saviour of your business, but it is the best way of staying closer to your customers and being a simple "fingertip" connection away at all times.




Whether you are selling subscriptions, services or even flowers, your customers need a quick and efficient way to reach you. Having easy features such as messaging [or support desk] within your application, can really make a huge difference, in the way you communicate with your customers. 

Businesses like OpenTable, for example built their entire business around this principle. Instead of calling a restaurant for a table, you can book it with less than 4 clicks on the platform. Its well worth a think; How many customers these days would like to communicate electronically, in their own convenience, rather than have to by phone?

Customer engagement is just as important as customer service, the two are distinct from one another. One of the significant outcomes from the social media revolution is that the "customer engagement" bar has been raised immensely. How does your business rate and measure with adequate customer engagement?

Over and above this also, customers, get to know you, the business owner far better than just the transaction. Fostering the connections goes far further than just ordinary means. The more the business owner knows about the customer, the more personalized the customer experience will be.


Before there were very challenging and costly ways of developing "on-hand information", about digitalizing any loyalty program you may put in place. Instead of sticking to cumbersome old ways such as a collection card, coupon, or rewards card, make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards via your own application. The result? More downloads, and more return customers guaranteed, with more referral power.


Applications serve many functions; They can provide general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, billing, payment gateways, messengers, news feeds, dynamic content and much more.

One of the biggest benefits of a web based and mobile application is that all the information you would like to provide to your customers - including special sales and promotions - is right at their fingertips. Through push notifications, your getting even closer to a direct interaction, and one with higher chances of yields and customer responses you want. Its easier to remind cusotmers about your products and services, whenever and wherever it makes sense.


Using 3rd party applications, may serve to be cost effective in the short term, but in the long term these are "business killers". 

The customer and efforts you service and generate, are controlled by 3rd parties. They own and control the information. Their business value grows, and yours declines, because you are just like any other, nothing different, and now banging elbows with hundreds, if not thousands others competing for the same space you are. Ask yourself: How does this then appear to a would be buyer/user? Do you really want your customers exposed to other options, now a finger press away?

By deploying your very own stand alone application, that we can effectively design and build for you, you are in full control. Having your own secure and protected database, builds financial strengths for your own business such as the "Net Present Value". Not just a benefit for you in the immediate trading sense, but also on a far bigger scale as to the overall proven valuation of your business on fundamentals.

Qarta Logo 1 PNG.png

QARTA is a robust SAAS solution that works through the cloud enabling you to manage all your work teams in real time, through online collaboration on jobs. You can assign team level, customer and partner access on projects with reports, and tasks assigned. There is also file management and the ability for those assigned on cases to comment and discuss important case information and view files.


QARTA also have extensive search and track features, as well as comprehensive notifications and update alerts for quick response.


We set QARTA up in a state of art data centre, so you totally own and control all your data. A Proprietary application adds financial and stock value to your organisation among many other benefits.


Learn more on the video below. 

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