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Partner Opportunities - Social Influence



Build Business Better




WORK WITH THE BEST: Creative New Ways To Expand & Develop In Your Market.​

Mr Media can evaluate and assist your business to increase its potential to partner with and make more connections through developing genuine social influence.


This can range from activities such as having your own regular events, which follow a theme and frequency. Or to participate in joint events with other businesses of similar like and capacity, and a the similar level, but not competitors. 

Strategic partnering models are designed to benefit social business growth, which promotes a more genuine, one to one direct influence, for relationship building, as opposed to now ineffective social media strategies that are over used.

Socially geared entrepreneurs are 400% more productive, than "in the box" entrepreneurs.

10 new contacts a month, over a 3 year period will equate for 35% growth in a business, its brand, financials and future scope. Now thats something to cheer too!

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