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Are you well trained to deliver your organisations key messages? Whether its selling a product, service, rolling out a new product, pitching a new business, delivering your value proposition, communicating to stakeholders, speaking to investors on reports, or laying out your strategy to your team, your success depends greatly on high calibre presentation abilities. 


Many organisations fail where they are not able to bring themselves or key personnel to the next level of power and persuasiveness. Or if training is provided in most cases its too information based rather than being focused on effective performance. Presenting based techniques and methods are best suited to help professionals reach and profoundly move their audiences. Its that not the main aim of business communication? Audiences respond best to speakers who use all their communication tools to gain influence. Although one of the ways is information, there are many other more important ways that are well and truly focused around performance.


The following are just some key benefits you will benefit from by increasing your visual performance:


Build Morale: There is a saying "most people live lives of quiet desperation", so too many business operators and even employees a dis satisfied with their level of their speaking and presentation skills. not just within your organisation but also with your customers and industry partners. 


Increase Retention: This applies not just to team being more effective in their roles and much happier with personal satisfaction, but also applies to customer retention as ongoing presence and being influential to them matters most in retention.


Expand Skill Sets: Even in organisational environments where collaboration is strong, key people in the organisation must work on their own in the field, when they are not in groups. Not just does effective visual performance develop a vital skill set, but it also improves a psychology that an individual develops about themself through creative techniques learnt


Professionalism: When it comes to achieving a higher level of communication effectiveness and influence, the right and precise training is essential. When it comes to pitching and strike rates in most cases other training types offer a low denominator in the conversion of message delivery, quality and efficacy tending to prevail. Practical training and developing concise media formats don't have this limitation. Whatever level the organisation wishes to achieve in its presentation success is where the training starts. Adding "on-your-feet" presentation practice and video/filming is where the journey begins. Allowing yoir impact and influence to soar. In most cases some of the best material is gathered through practice and training sessions. 


Team Impact: Group presentations and panels are also a highly effective training and team building activity when constructed precisely and with a method. Discuss this concept in more detail during a personal meeting with Mr Media.


Ability To Sell: Training carried out in presentation performance with media, can also have a strong impact of challenging fixed ways that may be redundant, that are hard to change otherwise through conventional training methods. The "we have always done it this way" mentality may be harming the company. Presentation development to an organisations strategy can address a range of issues as well as producing highly effective selling material.


Keep Your Price Indexing Upwards: Your competitors product or service is very probably close to yours, and the price is usually in the same ball park. How will you be more competitive without reducing your price and margins? What makes that customer or client decide to do business with you? The answer is they "Want To".


Build Stronger Lasting Relationships: Winning business is about people wanting to do business with you. One of the ways in making your prospects understand early on that they "want you" is that they will like dealing with you and you have given them evidence through your presentations. Good training in presentation performance builds a trustworthy and honest bedrock for boosting confidence. 


Recognised As An Industry Leader: Audiences never separate the message from the messenger. Ability to present comes from the enhancement of creative ability, so that presentation methods, power and performance stand out. If wanting to be recognised as an industry leader business presentation performance must go beyond good, beyond effective and only up to the level of extraordinary.

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1. Your Organisations Success Depends On High Calibre Presentations.


2. Presentation Training Focuses on Performance Carrying The Presence of Information.


3. Theater Based Techniques Are The Worlds best For Presentation Training.


4. To Maintain Relationships Bolster Communication, Reach and Your Influence.


5. Professional Presentations Will Solidify Your Status As An Industry Leader.

Presenting Skills



Through effective presentation:

Create More Power In Your Reach And Influence.

A presentation strategy for different scenarios matter.


By partaking in a media development program, your growth will excel in the ability to perform effectively. A media development program teaches you practical skills that would not be learnt elsewhere or take years to figure out.


With a world that is becoming increasingly visual, especially in professional situations, audiences are judging you and respond weakly or strongly by what you show them. The most important visual element is you.


Mr Media provides a highly robust and effective presentation skills training program, that not only educates you in the practical aspects, but also is tailored for you to start using the material immediately in your fields of business.


If you are unsure or evasive about doing something that's important to your business, avoiding making presentations about your business, then there is seriously something wrong! then you are on the wrong side of growth and stability for your organisation.

Creative Speech



Construction of the precise message is highly dependent on the conveyance of information based on performance. Performance carries the message. 


Creative speech training is highly effective in modulating the individuals ability to perform effectively


The two key elements in delivering the message being:

1. What carries the information

2. What modulates the information


Cannot be covered in a pre context or seated training manner. These can only be carried out through a process focused on the individual.


To carry this out in a course, and then apply it in a practical setting based on pressure and performance would also be an added waste of time and highly inefficient.

The best manner in which Creative Speech training can be carried out is through a succession of practical projects. Only through this process can the training be a path of development.


Tools & Techniques


Practical training and workshops offered through Mr Media training cover theatre based techniques in voice training, tonality, body language, spontaneity, left and right brain interaction and more.


Tools and techniques are best taught during filming and for practical reasons work better in their absorption in this manner.


Individuals can self rate themselves and see a vast improvement in their abilities almost instantaneously from the level of direction which also incorporates the training in tools and techniques, with the production of presentation material for media content.



Workshops & Field Training


Workshops offered intermittently by Mr Media allow individuals to explore and develop their necessary skills in presenting.


Field training on carrying out actual productions is a far valuable and more productive exercise, it allows all the necessary facets to be reflected in relation to the various points outlined in a Learning strategy on this page, in a practical format that is better absorbed. Media production jobs carried out over a process and period of time therefore are more fruitful to an organisational than just one off style projects.


Carrying out the presenting of the business or organisation by the owner, or key personnel is far more valuable than the hiring of actors or presenters. After all who is shaking the hands of customers/clients and closing the deals? 

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