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The exponential growth of social media, from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
and YouTube, offers organizations the chance to join a conversation with thousands around the globe every day. Being represented in at least 10 Social Media platforms is a key essenital to staying competitive, if planning to be in business for at least the next 12 months.


This promise is why nearly two-thirds of the 2,100 companies who participated in a recent survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services said they are either currently using social media channels or have social media plans in the works. But many still say social media is an experiment, as they try to understand how to best use the different channels, gauge their effectiveness, and integrate social media into their strategy.

Despite the vast potential social media brings, many companies seem focused on social media activity primarily as a one-way promotional channel, and have yet to capitalize on the ability to not only listen to, but analyze, consumer conversations and turn the information into insights that impact the bottom line.


- Three-quarters (75%) of the companies in the survey said they did not
know where their most valuable customers were talking about them.
- Nearly one-third (31%) do not measure effectiveness of social media.
- Less than one-quarter (23%) are using social media analytic tools.
- A fraction (7%) of participating companies are able to integrate social media into their marketing activities.

Need Every Facet Covered?


writing, film, image & production

Based on the Media strategy developed; The writing, planning and briefs for the filming process and still photo process is a complex task, made easy through the skills and expertise provided by Mr Media for projects.


Filming is also fun and educational for business owners and department directors alike. The process also enables them to have a close look at themselves and develop a deeper, conscious and sub conscious understanding of the roles they play vital to a business and presenting its image.

marketing media strategy

A media strategy serves one simple yet powerful purpose:

To put you and your business in the best position to dominate!


A media strategy is based on an understanding of your business, goals, vision, values, products, services, growth strategy and productivity strategy. It also takes into account the important bind between marketing and operations. Whether your a small scale sole trader or tier 1 level organisation a media strategy is essential for all small to large.


The media strategy takes into account a business life cycle, a products and services life cycle, consumer trends and a market analysis. The solutions are based on testing and validation of data, in depth research and also general knowledge, derived by the processes put into play by Mr Media.

rapid application development


Applications, be it web based or mobile [iOS/android] are now critical in establishing a strong presence in the market, not just to get new customers, but more importantly to keep existing customers, and then grow on customer based referrals, being more effective than cold prospecting. 

Rapid Application development involves a fast process in getting a system deployed that suits the needs for your business, and one that you can grow further with. Rapid Application development is a unique and specialised process, enabled through our methodology. Our teams are able to customise development to your needs, and budget.

Social Media Development


Social Media Development entails the creation and deployment of the best practices, applications, metrics and data analysis so your business can understand where best to invest and target all social media activities and content.


The aim of this is predominantly to create a competitive advantage. The media strategies put into play remain engaging towards the rollout of the plan; to influence by initiating and engaging consumers, demographics and in particular trending.


The Social Media Development process takes the struggle away with how best to utilise different channels, gauge their effectiveness and integrate marketing into the positioning for brand, market power and message. Thus creating a two way flow between the business and its audience.

training & development

Mr Media carries out training and coaching for operators who aim to present their enterprise identity. Guidance, direction and training ensures a thorough seamless process in developing marketing media.


Being at the forefront of presenting your business identity means staying ahead of competitors to retain influence and win customers. Staying competitive is also the key to stock value. Training enables the finished outcomes to match the intended goals.

Training can also be a vital tool for introspective evaluation of ones role in an organisation. The media driven process puts into play steps that allow the individual to see and realise their roles more effectively through the training process carried out. Training also helps key operators in a business to present and pitch themselves to the best level. The skills attained become a valuable life long asset and the direct benefits to business can be measured qualitatively and quantitatively as a return on investment.


Training also keeps all those involved; highly motivated and up to date with projecting patterns and a message essential to pitching vital aspects of business concisely.


Training programs by Mr Media maximise the following criteria:

- Improved quality and productivity for image results [short sharp takes],

- The "Flow-On-Effect" [powerful and effective performance]

- Staying Competitive,

- People Influencing Benefits,

- Improved team attitude and morale,

- Better recruitment and retention rates,

- New Business Outcomes

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